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For more than 20 years, RMI has been the trusted and objective partner for industry insights, networking events and advisory services to the brewing, malting and distilling industry.

Objective Market Pricing and Data Analysis

Industry Stakeholder Networking

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Become a subscriber and gain access to RMI’s twice per month journal publication providing the latest insights on global and regional barley and malt pricing, market conditions and expert commentary.

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Objective Pricing

RMI has and always will be objective in its pricing and market insights.

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Digital Content

Hosted on our website, gain access to journal information in the office, at home or on the move.

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Unparalleled Data

Multiple reference points from around the world feed into our pricing calculations and modelling, cross referenced against years of tracking data and industry experience to deliver our regular pricing updates.

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Online Subscription

Whether you are an individual or a large organisation, we have a subscription to match, all manageable from your online profile.

The Networking Institution for the Brewing, Distilling and Malting Industries

RMI is a leading provider of networking events. Our RMI conferences play host to the industries largest organisations, leading innovators and experts spanning the entire supply chain.

Timely Insights

  • Our networking events discuss the latest topics challenging our industry.
  • Meet the industry, lead the conversation and shape our future together.
  • Build new ideas for your organisation and create new connections.

Event Types

  • Multiple events throughout the year.
  • Event sizes range from focus groups to world leading 300+ attendance conferences.
  • Sponsored by well known organisations across the agricultural, malting, brewing and distilling industries.

How RMI Analytics Advisors Drive Success

RMI Analytics recommended consultants provide an unrivalled blend of market insights, data and expertise enabling our clients to convert data into knowledge, and tailoring solutions to meet your greatest strategic and operational needs.

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