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RMI Insights Journal

In publication since 1999, the RMI Insights Journal is the leading malting barley publication. A unique and impartial source of the latest market information with over 600 editions, reaching the decision-makers and professionals in our industry throughout the world.

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RMI ensures objective pricing and market insights through a multi-source, multi region, multi point industry data collection method and over 20 years of historical reference data to deliver data you can trust.


Our subscribers use our Insights to support strategic decision making. A regular publication cycle delivers our most up to date insights to clients every 2 weeks.


All of our insights and pricing is written, checked and cross checked by our in-house industry specialists. RMI delivers data with context and expert insights to deliver subscribers actionable information.


Pricing and Production

  • Malt and Barley Pricing Summaries
  • Price Trends
  • Beer Production
  • Barley Production
  • Malting Capacity
  • Crop Development


  • Global
  • Europe
  • North America
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  • Asia Pacific
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  • Africa

Market Updates

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  • Malt
  • Hops
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  • Freight Market

RMI Predictive Barley Price Model

Data Driven Forecasting

Developed in collaboration with a statistical model expert, RMI offers our proprietary and fit-for-purpose Barley Price Model. A statistically driven tool developed to support strategic decisions in, for example budgeting, contracting, negotiations and investment decisions.

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Long-Term Forecast

Providing an 18 month forward price view, supporting strategic procurement, commercial and investment decisions with an enhanced perspective of one of the major cost drivers in our industry.

A Tested Methodology

RMI has access to proprietary pricing data which combined with other data sources using our tired and tested methodology delivers a consistent, high quality output.

Volatility Analysis

Recent events have shown that we operate in a volatile market. The addition of our auto-regressive curve has reinforced our pricing model to account for volatility.


Relevant Inputs

Our pricing models are driven by over 20 years of historical data, commodity futures and fundamental supply & demand information.

Key Market Coverage

Our current model covers France and Canada malting and feed barley, two of the largest exporters to the industry. With work underway to include Argentina and Australia RMI’s pricing insights shall soon offer a near comprehensive source of pricing information.

Actionable Outputs

Subscribers are actively using the predictive model outputs as a valuable tool to support decisions in commercial activities such as negotiations and commercial price structures.

Looking for a more bespoke pricing prediction, contact us here and we will happily organise a consultation with you.

Subscription Options

RMI offers a variety of subscription options for its Insights products for companies large and small with different access requirements. An individual user trial subscription is available for instant access or contact us using the form below to inquire about our 12 month individual and multi-user subscription packages.


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The RMI Price Model Methodology

In building a predictive Barley Price Modelling tool, RMI incorporated a large number of data
inputs into the Model to create a six quarter (18 months) price forecasting tool.

Where does RMI source its data for the Pricing Model?

RMI uses a combination of three main sources:

  • Historical barley price data for both malting & feed types has been tracked for 20+years by RMI and is a core role in the Statistical Model. The current version of the Model incorporates Canada and France prices, but with plans to expand the Model to Argentina & Australia. There is also a potential to extend the Model to other barley markets in the future (if there is interest).
  • Fundamental Barley Supply & Demand (S&D) elements both globally and regionally, provide valuable inputs for the Model. These S&D elements provide incremental insights into the barley market and shape the main underlying market drivers for barley prices. Short and long-term influences to barley prices are provided within the S&D, which made it critically important to include these elements in the Model.
  • Futures markets data, such as corn & wheat futures plus currencies, provide two key inputs for the Model:
    • A view to historical prices for these commodities & currencies
    • Forward price values for these commodities/instruments Together these futures are invaluable market inputs. RMI continually refines the Model (at least annually), as a regular diagnostic process and also to re-think the various inputs into the Model.

Actual vs Model Comparison

The model continuously determines a fair value based upon the models inputs and compares this to the actual prices in the market. The relationship between those two prices is the dynamic nature of the model. For example the model can highlight where the market is over or under-priced and direct users to adapt their pricing strategy accordingly.

18 Month Future Forecast

The main output of the model is to provide transparency on the forward price level for barley which historically has been difficult to source. Partnered with the numerical data, RMI providers expert insights into the main drivers of price movements. Delivering to readers the ideal basis for budgeting or forward price planning.


The power and accuracy of the PredictivePrice Model is demonstrated when looking back at the performance of the Model over the past ten years. Essentially, RMI has applied the Model back to 2012 to check the performance against the actual price development over the same time period. From RMI’s perspective, the correlations between Actual values and the Price Model are very good. Feed barley correlations are slightly higher (better) than malting barley, which RMI feels is normal, given the more variables which impact malting barley (e.g. malting premiums, selection rates etc.).

Continuous Improvement

Our goal is always to continuously improve the Model’s predictive capabilities and also ensure the Model properly reflects the barley market dynamics. The RMI Model adjusts to changing landscapes over time, without over-reacting in the short-term.

Our Insights Team

Brent Atthill

Owner, Publisher and Advisor

Brent Atthill is currently a principal owner, board member, and managing director for RMI Analytics GmbH, with a focus on driving RMI’s content delivery through our Journal publication, webinars, and global Insights Tours.

With over 25 years of experience in the brewing & malting industries, Brent is perfectly suited to lead the RMI strategy to be the global leader in market insights and networking events provider for the brewing material supply chain. Brent’s experience comes mainly from within global procurement for brewing materials for major global brewers, and as a result he has gained expertise around the world, in agronomic supply chains from field to end-users.

In leading RMI’s strategic vision to continuous improve our product and service offerings, Brent is dedicated to keeping our clients fully informed, and to supporting their ultimate success.

Jeff Grajewski

Owner, Copywriter and Advisor

Jeff Grajewski is a principal owner of RMI Analytics GmbH. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the consumer food & beverage industry, having held several various senior management roles in R & D, manufacturing, and procurement, and has been involved in the brewing industry for the past 15 years.

He has previously worked for several large CPG companies including AB InBev, SABMiller, Kraft Foods, Colgate-Palmolive and M&M/Mars, and more recently has successfully owned and managed a consultancy business Falco Sourcing Solutions LLC.

He is an outstanding procurement & supply chain professional with extensive consultancy experience. Jeff is focused on business development for RMI, and is also an active board member of RMI.


How do I view the Insights Publications?

With an active subscription, simply make sure you are logged in on the website and visit the Insights Journal or Barley Pricing Model page. On the page you shall be able to view and download the latest publication.

I have forgotten my password and can’t access my account?

Simply select the forgotten password link on the User log-in page to be emailed a password reset link.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

No, as your subscription is due to expire we shall reach out to you to confirm your subscription type and renewal. Upon expiry your account will no longer be able to view the publication pages.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions expire at the end of their term. Upon expiry, if a renewal is not confirmed your subscription shall terminate automatically.

What is the reliability of the barley pricing model?

RMI, using our pricing model methodology, based upon the key market drivers influencing pricing, the model produces a statistical output. History has shown a good level of accuracy and our recommendation is to use the pricing model as one of several supporting tools in your ongoing commercial strategy and decision making.

I have a suggestion or wish to contribute to RMI’s Insights, how can I do so?

RMI is always looking for more contributors to our Insights or feedback on how we can improve the content we deliver. Contact us here with a little more information and we look forward to reviewing it further.

How can I gain additional insights into the supply chain beyond the reports?

RMI Insight reports are written and evaluated by our in-house experts. If you would like to discuss or explore topics in more detail you are able to contact our report authors directly from our advisors page.