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An Insights ‘Institution’ to the Brewing, Distilling, Malting Supply Chain and its Partners

RMI exists as the world’s preeminent market insights and networking platform provider for the brewing and distilling raw materials supply chain.




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Our Mission

RMI Analytics, through creating networking opportunities, delivering unbiased market insights, data analytics and expert advice exists to be a critical information resource for the brewing, distilling and malting supply chain and its partners.

Today RMI Analytics has extensive partnering relationships with a great number of the leading companies located around the globe from seed developers, barley growers, maltsters, craft and international brewers and distillers.

The RMI Story

  • 1999

    Founder Roger Martin publishes copy 001 of the Brewing Raw Materials Journal.

  • 2001

    RMI launches the World Barley Malt and Beer Conference.

  • 2011

    RMI Analytics AG is founded.

  • 2013

    RMI launches Malting Barley Crop Tours to its events portfolio.

  • 2020

    RMI Analytics GmbH is founded in Switzerland.

  • 2023

    RMI published its 600th Brewing Raw Materials Journal

  • 2024

    RMI hosts its 12th World Conference in Rome.

Our Services

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Market Insights

With over 20 years of experience, we are the world’s leading provider of impartial and transparent brewing materials pricing, supply & demand data and experience-based market insights.

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RMI Events

We provide international forums for brewing, distilling and malting professionals along with key supply chain stakeholders to promote increased networking and relationship building. RMI events are focused on the principle of sharing expertise to advance industry collaboration and innovation.

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RMI’s network expands to include our list of recommended partner consultants. Our recommendations save the hard work of finding suitable candidates for contracted positions who hold the deep level of expertise for our niche industry segment.

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